Rose Dubin


“Rose Dubin's theatre school at Leah Posluns changed the course of my life. I started taking classes there when I was 15. We not only studied scenes and learned our craft, we honed improv skills, and even created our own collective play with writer Colleen Murphy, now a well-known screenwriter and producer. We had great fun, but Rose also demanded dedication and expected us to be professional, be committed and give everything we have. Personally, had I not attended, I know my professional life would have turned out differently. But even if you don't pursue a career in acting, what Rose managed to create allowed many of us to feel community, pride and place. I owe Rose and LPTS a lot, and I know that any student of hers would feel the same.”
Diane Flacks | Actor - Being Erica, Sibs (Tarragon Theatre),
By a Thread (Canada and La MaMa Theatre, New York), Two
Time Emmy/Gemini Nominated Writer - Kids In The Hall,
Actor/Writer - numerous TV series, Columnist - Toronto Star,
CBC Radio

“Rose has a gift for inspiring the young and old to be the best they can be. She will not accept less than the best a person can offer. She offers guidance and instruction and knows her craft. Rose is a wonderful teacher.”
Dana Levenson | Reporter - CTV News, Toronto

“I'm so glad you are still teaching acting, your love for our profession has been an inspiration for so many, including myself, and I'm glad to know that future students will be guided by such a wonderful and passionate person like you.”
Vince Corazza | Actor - CSI, 24, Without a Trace

“As a feature film producer, I'm always working with actors and directors. My experience as a young actor under Rose's direction helped me develop an understanding of the creative process that has been immeasurably helpful in my career.”
Michael Bederman | Co-Producer - Twelve, Line Producer -
Lightbulb, Production Manager - The Adjustment Bureau,
Youth in Revolt

“I can honestly say that had I not come across Rose on my journey, I wouldn't have the life I have today. Her honesty and belief in me gave me the confidence to keep getting on stage and embrace the actor within me. She pushed me to not settle for a performance that was less than the best I could give. Now as a director as well, I hope to give the same encouragement to others that Rose gave me.”
Tanisha Tait | Actor, Producer/Director - V-Day,
Assistant Director - The Princess and the Handmaiden
(Lorraine Kimsa Theatre for Young People)

“Rose was the first acting coach I ever worked with. She helped me learn how to develop characters and realize the importance of objectives in a scene. I've relocated, but I still email her regularly for acting advice. She responds very quickly and her input is greatly appreciated. I don't know too many acting coaches who would do that in their free time proving how dedicated Rose is to her students. Thanks Rose!!”
Michelle Martelli | Actor

“Rose Dubin was pivotal in the early days of my career. She put her instinctive trust in me as an aspiring teacher when the Leah Posluns Theatre School began to work with SENECA College. It was at these classes that I began to articulate my teaching philosophy which has served me in a very rich career. I'm now teaching all across the continent and on TV in Bathroom Divas. I am forever grateful!”
Tom Diamond | Director - Tapestry Productions, Acclaimed
Opera Director - The Magic Flute (National Arts Centre)

“As my first acting instructor, I found Rose both passionate and energetic about the Industry. She nurtured me out of my shell and made me look for new ways to express a scene. Rose's special combination of compassionate encouragement yet direct honesty inspired me to continue the program with renewed vigour. Eventually, the birth of the Comedy Troupe, Nutty by Nature came about. We played for major Seneca events and toured extensively. My experience with Rose and the program changed me in so many positive ways.”
Bill Bicket | Actor/Photographer

“When I met Rose, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. After studying with her, I knew that I wanted - I - needed to Act. She inspired me to walk into auditions confidently. I went on to secure roles on TV and theatre. Thank you, Rose!”
Lana Carillo | Actor - East of Broadway (Next Stage)

“I couldn't have chosen a better place to start my life in the arts than with Rose at the LPTS. I know I've been bettered by my experience there, and by extension, so have the performers I've trained and worked with throughout these years…both in my current position and during my tenure as Artistic Director at Manhattan's New York Theatre.”
Lawrence Axmith | Managing Director - Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts, Toronto

“Rose Dubin is greatly responsible for the achievements of many teachers, directors, and actors in Canada. Many of these individuals had their start because of Rose's belief in their potential. This is certainly true of my career; Rose gave me my first job in Toronto and I taught for courses she initiated at the Leah Posluns Theatre School and at Seneca College for many years.”
Miriam Laurence | Director/Teacher - Integrated Acting System

“Rose is the first person who took a chance on me. She really focused and challenged me to be a better actor when I performed. She sent me out on my first audition and I got the part at Canadian Stage. Here I am still working and trying to improve and be a better actor/director every day!”
Scott Andrew Kurchak | Actor/Director

“I was very lucky to get a chance early in my career not to only fight direct but act at LPTS. Rose Dubin had a tremendous eye for talent and I got to work with some truly excellent fellow instructors and performers in a wonderful supportive environment. I would urge anyone interested in building a solid foundation in acting to take time to work with Rose.”
Daniel Levinson | Fight Master - Fight Directors Canada, Artistic Director - Rapier Wit

“(Rose Dubin)…the many thousands of individuals you have personally taught and coached…these people's lives have been changed forever…because of Rose Dubin…you have made a huge difference for so many…”
George Fry | Former Chair - Seneca Faculty of Continuing Education and Training

“Rose Dubin introduced me to the world of acting and gave me the encouragement I needed to believe in myself and my talent. Her honest constructive criticism inspired me to get the most of my abilities as an actor.”
Foad Almassi | Actor/Producer

“Nurtured by well-known acting coach Rose Dubin, I developed a passion for making films”
Sergio Navarretta | Award Winning Film Director - Platinum Image Productions

“Rose is an excellent teacher. She brings a lot of experience and passion to her classes, and really gets to know her students. I learned a lot about acting and the Industry through her classes.”
Jyll Malbeuf | Actor

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