Rose Dubin

Rose Dubin

An Actor’s job is to tell the character’s story and make the script come alive. To take that journey. To reveal the character and their quest. To transform as if they are the character.

How do you start?

That’s a question that many beginning or even experienced actors ask. Veteran acting teacher and coach Rose Dubin can help you discover the answer.

Working with Rose, students learn an approach to acting - a clear practical way of working. They explore and expand their acting and audition techniques for film, TV or stage.

Students investigate their characters and relationships, discover their expectations, do moment-to-moment work, make specific acting choices, prepare an audition, and learn the business of acting.

Personalized training to meet your individual goals.

Rose’s approach to teaching is rooted in her long, diverse career of training, teaching, performing and running successful acting schools. She combines various acting techniques from Stanislavski, Meisner, Spolin, Hagen, Chekhov and Shurtleff.

Rose Dubin has achieved a reputation for skilled honest coaching. She is recognized for her active, inspiring teaching style. Rose works tirelessly to develop each student’s own unique way of expression.

Rose believes in creating a supportive, caring atmosphere to guide her students to respond truthfully to the text. She encourages students to use all actors’ finest instruments — themselves — their imagination, emotions, intellect, body and voice.

Many of her students are now working in diverse areas of the performing arts — acting, directing, producing, broadcasting, script writing and teaching.

Bringing out the best Actor you can be.

An actor requires Talent — you need to believe you have some. Training -- to build your skills and be prepared when opportunity arises. And Tenacity -- to persist and overcome obstacles.

The craft of acting is a never-ending journey of self-discovery and gaining empathy for others. Above all, the craft of Acting is a revelation of the human spirit. Rose Dubin is honoured to help bring that spirit to life in her students.

“I'm so glad you are still teaching acting, your love for our profession has been an inspiration for so many, including myself, and I'm glad to know that future students will be guided by such a wonderful and passionate person like you.”
Vince Corazza | Actor - CSI, 24, Without a Trace

“As a feature film producer, I'm always working with actors and directors. My experience as a young actor under Rose's direction helped me develop an understanding of the creative process that has been immeasurably helpful in my career.”
Michael Bederman | Co-Producer - Twelve, Line Producer - Lightbulb, Production Manager - The
Adjustment Bureau
, Youth in Revolt

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